Yonita Audit

Yonita Audit is focused on detection of issues in the following areas: security, performance, database, scalability, and high availability. In case of problems with a certain piece of Java, C/C++, C#, or SQL code ? or simply a need for verification ? we offer several code audits:

  • Security audit to discover security vulnerabilities with a focus on web-related issues, authentication/authorization, and confidentiality
  • Performance audit to detect performance bottlenecks on both the code and design level with a focus on call and data flows, algorithms, communication, proper and efficient usage of frameworks and libraries
  • Concurrency audit to detect multithreading issues and hint on possible parallelization
  • Database audit to analyze transaction management, efficiency of queries, correctness and efficiency of database schema, and usage of database-related frameworks and libraries (specifically JPA, hibernate, JDBC, iBatis)
  • Scalability and high-availability audit to assess the design and code of an application in the context of scalability and HA practices

Each audit ends with a detailed report that lists all the issues found in software along with recommendations how to deal with them.

Yonita Audit Package covers:

  • Automatic analysis executed by state-of-the-art Yonita software
  • Manual review of the results performed by our top professionals
  • Manual code review to detect other vulnerabilities

Customers purchasing Yonita Audit Package are eligible for special discounts for purchase of Yonita Enterprise or Yonita Desktop licenses. For Yonita Enterprise, a 30% discount is granted, and for Yonita Desktop, a 20% discount is granted.

Yonita Audit is performed using Yonita on Cloud service, thus simplifying and speeding up the audit. If requested, Yonita Audit can be also performed using a locally installed version of the software.