Yonita for Databases

Do you develop mission-critical systems that include online transaction processing? Have you ever been stuck for hours trying to pinpoint misconfigured transactions? Have you ever seen double records in your database?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Yonita for Databases is the right tool for you!

Yonita for Databases is a cutting-edge static-analysis tool that automatically scans your code in search for database anti-patterns including:

  • Misconfigured and/or unconfigured transactions
  • Incorrect usage of database types
  • Incorrect usage of database API
  • Inefficient database access
  • Database normalization issues

With Yonita for Databases, you can pinpoint database and transaction problems early in a development lifecycle, thus improving quality of your software as well as reducing costs and shortening schedules.

Languages supported: Java bytecode, CLR bytecode (.NET), Java and JSP sources, C# sources
Frameworks supported: hibernate, spring