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For purchases of Yonita Web Scanner, please go to Yonita Web Scanner Pricing.

For purchases of our products (Yonita Products) and services (Yonita on Cloud, Yonita Audit, or our expert on-site support and training courses from Yonita Academy) or if you have questions prior to your purchase, please contact our Sales Department: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


If you are buying 5 or more licenses, a volume licensing conditions apply. Volume licensing offers benefits and flexible purchase options. To obtain the list of benefits please indicate that you are interested in volume licensing and our Sales Department will be happy to assist you.


Educational institutions, students, faculty and staff of accredited colleges, universities and other institutions are eligible to purchase our software with a 50% discount off the regular prices. Non-profit organisations may also be eligible for the discount.


Yonita License Agreement and Yonita Service Agreement apply respectively to products and subscription services provided by Yonita Inc.