Yonita Combo

Today, software is becoming more and more complex. There is a growing need for automation in the area of software development, particularly software quality. Yonita is the answer to this need.

Yonita Combo is a full package that provides complete functionality to support developers and architects in their daily work:

Yonita Web Scanner

Yonita Web Scanner is aimed at detection of security vulnerabilities of web sites and online applications.

Yonita Web Scanner performs dynamic verification of web applications based on automated tests generated by Smart Test Generator and Randomized Data Generator.

Yonita for Performance

Have you ever dealt with users complaining about slow response times? Have you ever been stuck for hours trying to pinpoint a single bottleneck? Have you ever been surprised by strange slowdowns in your production environment?

Yonita for Security

Do you develop mission-critical systems that provide sensitive operations or contain confidential data? Do you want to guard your data and your users? Do you need to protect your system from hackers?

Yonita for Concurrrency

Would you like to leverage the full power of multi-core processors? Have you ever noticed your application failing in a multi-threaded environment? Have you ever been stuck for hours trying to pinpoint a race condition in your code?

Yonita for Databases

Do you develop mission-critical systems that include online transaction processing? Have you ever been stuck for hours trying to pinpoint misconfigured transactions? Have you ever seen double records in your database?

Yonita for Architects

Do you care about scalability? Do you plan to maintain your system for at least several years? Do you need expert advice how to guarantee extensibility and maintainability of your system?

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